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What sets ReoTech apart from other quality providers of building materials and tools? The answer is most certainly our workshop, where we supply builders with custom steel and mesh and bar products. With ReoTech, builders in Maitland, Newcastle, Taree, Port Stephens and Nelson Bay can create the custom pieces and reinforcements necessary to complete the job.

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Creative Construction — Steel Fabrication in Salamander Bay, NSW

Salamander Bay Steel

Large projects, small projects—for tradies, projects come in all sizes, and it’s the same for the team at ReoTech. Great custom services mean we make sheets, squares, bars and more to order. Structural steel for industrial spaces, manufacturing and general construction—you name it. The bones of every successful project are made of steel, and contractors can collaborate with us to have their steel components made to their exact specifications. With a wealth of industry experience, ReoTech understands the importance of accuracy and quality in steel fabrication.
Reinforcement — Steel Fabrication in Salamander Bay, NSW


Reinforcing mesh is essential to many concrete projects. ReoTech’s founder, a concreter of more than 35 years, wishes to extend this special service to their already-thriving customer base comprised of concrete tradespeople. Strengthen your structures with custom mesh reinforcements crafted on-site at ReoTech. Save money on job site labour and reinforce your reputation with mesh that fortifies a truly safe and well constructed building. Now more than ever, construction jobs are expected to be completed on tight schedules. Reinforcements are a sure way to help guarantee that you’ve performed lasting, high quality work.
Workers — Steel Fabrication in Salamander Bay, NSW

Service as Strong as Steel

Exceptional customer service is every bit as important as quality craftsmanship at ReoTech. We have an on-site business manager to accommodate all domestic, residential and commercial steel fabrication. ReoTech also offers a full estimating and scheduling service, customer accounts and credit. Call ReoTech on 02 4024 2747 to get your no-charge quote and consultation, and get started on the best work of your career.